Dormant Diversion

Extraterrestrial DNA mutates life on Earth into a cosmic playground and an obscure frequency draws in the players.

US Secretary of Energy, Ed Marker, is living his dream as head of the most ambitious power initiative in the world. He is overseeing the roll-out of the harvester project, which will provide clean, efficient, and unlimited energy. When this new technology activates alien DNA, the price of free energy becomes too high.

This uncatalogued genetic code is reshaping the planet as the world's oceans turn a deep crimson and seismic activity shakes the globe. People are developing photosynthetic properties, growing scales, and using previously inaccessible portions of the human mind. These alarming changes are accelerating with each passing day. Millions of years of evolution are occurring near these monstrosities in only months, and it is up to Ed and a team of scientists to stop these transformations before the human race is unrecognizable.

Dormant Diversion is the first book in The Harvester Series.  Diane Lauer and Sarah Lauer Nakawatase have turned biology and physics upside down, weaving a contemporary story of genetically-unimaginable proportions.

Dormant Diversion is available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Black Rose Writing, and all major booksellers.

Diane Lauer

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